Blue Cross of Massachusetts announced an intriguing integration that will allow members to seamlessly integrate with Amazon’s PillPack

As per their website, “Blue Cross worked with PillPack to create a digital option for eligible members (those taking multiple maintenance medications, certain exclusions apply) to switch to PillPack directly from their Blue Cross MyBlue member app or website. Members who choose to use PillPack can save time and effort since they don’t need to re-enter their insurance details, demographic information, or medication lists.  The program is available to eligible members of the health plan’s commercial, fully insured accounts.”

This integration should be a wake up call to all pharmacy operators. There clearly is a desire and need to have an improved pharmacy experience. Enabling technology to free up staff to provide value added services has been has been a discussion point for years. The time to act is now. No one should begrudge Blue Cross or Amazon for making this option available.

“By using the MyBlue app or website to switch to PillPack, members who take multiple medications won’t need to stand in line at a pharmacy, spend their time sorting pills or worry about missing a refill,” said Katie Catlender, vice president of customer experience at Blue Cross. “We hope this integration with PillPack will make it easy for our members to have a convenient way to manage their medications so they can get back to focusing on what’s most important to them.”

This option is good for patients, Blue Cross, and Amazon’s PillPack. The key for other providers is to create a positive and impactful interaction for patients.