Creating a Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacies are similar enough to standard pharmacy to prompt the question, “What’s the difference?” Unlocking the differences is the key to success versus failure.

Identify a problem

  • See something that is broken in the process.
  • Is there an opportunity?
  • Odin will help you define and map the obstacles
  • We sharpen your attack strategy

Create the Solution

  • Design solutions that improve the patient experience
  • Deliver better treatment initiation
  • Foster patient adherence
  • Create an environment for engaged patients

Access to Products

  • Access to unique products is a differentiator
  • Maintain correct inventory levels
  • Odin can model your requirements without burdening your cash flow

Positive Patient Outcomes

  • The reason specialty pharmacy exists
  • Helping patients with special needs to overcome obstacles
  • Design your entire organization to deliver

Solution of Choice for Partners

  • Prescribers
  • Case managers
  • Patient support personell