Amazon is coming!!!

With Halloween approaching, there has been a chorus of frightening news. Amazon (boo!) has applied for pharmacy wholesaler licenses in a number of states.

While this has been played up in the lay press, there is a long way to go before we tell the story of another Amazon conquest. I know many have said it about Amazon, but this space is different.

The greatest difference is that the price for the customer is not defined by the pharmacy. Insurance plays a game of Trick-or-Treat.

The price factors include:

  • Is it covered?
  • If covered, what tier?
  • Is their a deductible you must meet?
  • Is there secondary coverage?
  • Is there territory?
  • Coordination of benefits (COB)?
  • Is there financial assistance via an independent co pay assistance organization involved?


These are not too scary, but they get in the way of a simple low price click. There will be a learning curve.  Corn mazes to master. Egging to endure. Shaving cream will be found on the windshield. Yet, there is opportunity on the near horizon.

Who may be the first victim? I see the cash market as a natural entry. It is holding a glow stick like a beacon.

Targeting customers without insurance, with high co-pays or non covered items would be a natural market for a company that is singularly focused on driving down costs.

So, pharmacy may sleep easy tonight. Tomorrow, however, is the day to prepare for this monster that many expect to be coming soon.